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Runion de Recursos Humanos

PRODUCTOS TUBULARES, S.A.U. company’s policy defines as one of its priorities the good health and safety of its workers, paying special attention to the production facilities by creating a safe workplace and working environment.

The basis of this work in matters of occupational risk prevention is the integration of safety measures within all levels of the organization in a continuous improvement process, and if any deficiency is detected, it is immediately corrected, and monitored so that it does not occur again.

PRODUCTOS TUBULARES S.A.U. has a system based on the OHSAS 18001 standard certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

It is a health and safety management system which identifies dangers, prevents risks and establishes the necessary workplace control measures in order to prevent accidents, and in addition it is subject to periodical audits by the certifying body in order to continuously supervise and improve its implementation in matters of health and safety in the workplace.

All advances with respect to health and safety have been achieved through the collaboration and participation of all workers, unions and management at PRODUCTOS TUBULARES S.A.U., with the common objective of reducing accidents to the minimum possible.


At Productos Tubulares we pursue an active policy of developing personnel by providing the necessary training to carry out work, adapt to new technologies and investment, and fully comply with the various standards of risk prevention, quality and environment.

At this company we consider the professional career development of our workers through the encouragement of internal promotion and an evaluation of attitudes and skills regarding work.

For that reason those who form a part of Productos Tubulares are working in a professional environment which allows us to learn, develop and go forward.

Voluntary Retirement Provision Plan

The workers at PRODUCTOS TUBULARES have their own Voluntary Retirement Provision Plan promoted by the company. Its objective is to implement a Social Welfare scheme which allows workers to benefit from savings which complement Social Security provisions, whether on retirement or when any of the contingencies covered in the plan occur. It is a defined contribution plan shared between the company and the workers. The plan has two features worth highlighting:

i. In addition to the usual retirement guarantees in a defined contribution plan, specific capital sums are guaranteed in the event of disability or death while in employment.
ii. The company, in addition to the committed monthly contributions, makes an extraordinary annual contribution equivalent to 5% of the pre-tax profit to be shared out among all participants.

The Voluntary Retirement Provision Plan for WORKERS AT PRODUCTOS TUBULARES has its own web page.


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